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Teazen Kombucha Bottle Gift Set

Teazen Kombucha Bottle Gift Set

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  • TEAZEN proudly presents the TEAZEN Kombucha Gift Set w/ Shaker Bottle the includes all your favorite flavors in one box! Try and taste our refreshing drinks. Plus, it's good for you!
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Enjoy live Prebiotic, Probiotic, and Freeze-Dried Kombucha (Germany) produced with live lactic acid bacteria. Mixed with real Korea juice powder, Teazen Kombucha contains antioxidants that your body will benefit from. Anyone can enjoy Kombucha culture without the effort to ferment their own batch.
  • PORTABLE & SOLUBLE: Just drop one TEAZEN Kombucha packet to cold water (about 8.5oz (250ml) and mix. TEAZEN Kombucha dissolves in 3 seconds. Very simple and convenient to easily get into the habit of drinking Kombucha.
  • ONLY 15 CALORIES: Only 15kcal per packet. TEAZEN Kombucha also has the fizzy sensation similar to carbonated beverages but without any sugar.
  • PROMOTES FOOD BREAKDOWN: Through live lactic acid bacteria, TEAZEN Kombucha provides additional support to break down food easily even with a single drink.
  • TEAZEN ECO BOTTLE Included: The bottle is made of Ecogen material that allows you to drink both cold and hot beverages between -20℃ and 110℃.The capacity scale is marked so you can make and drink delicious kombucha. With a neat design, it is great for a gift idea.

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