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FOODOLOGY Coleology 600mg*30 Tablets Special Set (+Coleology Tea 2 Sticks) (15-day supply)

FOODOLOGY Coleology 600mg*30 Tablets Special Set (+Coleology Tea 2 Sticks) (15-day supply)

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Why we love it
This product has passed the human application test, toxic substance test, and toxicity test.
It is a health functional food that has passed the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's evaluation of product safety and functionality, and standards.
Suitable for those who eat a lot of oily meals, frequently overeat and habitually eat late at night, are concerned about belly fat, want to lose body fat intensively, and manage their weight continuously.
Coleus forskohlii extract is a functional raw material patented by the European and Canadian Patent Offices, mainly in the United States, and as a result of human application tests, it is confirmed that body fat decreased by -0.875, body weight decreased by -1.73, and lean mess up.
This product has been tested for caffeine-free for those who are sensitive to caffeine.
Featured ingredients
This product contains Coleus forskohlii extract (forskolin) and helps to reduce body fat.
'Forskolin' contained in the roots of Coleus forskohlii is 100% plant-based and helps to reduce body fat.
It contains vitamins B1, B2, and B6 pantothenic acid, which are essential nutrients needed to supplement nutrients lacking due to excessive diet and generate energy.
It is a nutrient product that contains selenium to prevent cell damage caused by irregular eating habits and excessive exercise and to protect cells.
It is a product containing ology concentrate power that are multiplied by the exclusive ratio of Foodology.
How to use
1. Once a day, take 2 tablets before bed
2. Prepare enough water.
3,. Take out 2 tablets.
4. Take it with water.
Gift of 2 sticks of Coleology Tea

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