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It's Okay to Not Be Okay / Koo Moon Young Fairytale Books

It's Okay to Not Be Okay / Koo Moon Young Fairytale Books

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Meet the fairy tales in a book!

A little strange romantic comedy where three different people meet to heal and heal wounds. A series of special fairy tales written by famous fairy tale author Moon Young, who do not know love in the drama, is published in Wisdom House. The scriptwriter, Jo Yong, and the illustrator Jamsan took part in it to capture the lingering and emotions.

Jo Yong Through his work, Jo Yong conveys a heartfelt message, “They are only a little unusual, so they are so lonely, my dear, give them warm comfort.” He concludes that 'slightly different' protagonists are not 'abnormal'. Rather, they are talking about filling the loneliness through each other's warmth. Jamsan He is working as a concept artist and illustrator. He held a solo exhibition [People Gathering], and participated as a concept artist for numerous illustrations, including Nike Park Ji-sung CF & Graphic Noble, Enprani Road Shop Holika.

Table of Contents of the Novels

"Psycho, But It's Okay 1"

Introductory Remarks
Glossary of Terms

Part I The Boy Who Growns Nightmare
Part 2 Red Shoes Lady
Part 3 Sleeping Beauty
Part 4 Zombie Kid
Part 5 The Damned Rapunzel of Castle
Part 6 Secrets of Blue Beard
Part 7 The Cheerful Dog
Part 8 Beauty and the Beast

"Psycho, But It's Okay 2"

Introductory Remarks
Glossary of Terms

Part 9 The King's Ears are Donkey Ears
Part 10 The Sheep Girl
Part 11 Ugly Duckling
Part 12 Romeo and Juliet
Part 13 Daddy of Boots and Flamingos
Part 14 The Hand, The Monkfish
Part 15 Good Brothers
Part 16. Finding the Real Face

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