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Our Beloved Summer Photo Essay

Our Beloved Summer Photo Essay

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The drama 'Our Beloved Summer' has ended, but the enthusiasm is still there. It caused a sell-out of related contents including the script book, and in the first half of 2022, ranked 3rd in Koreans' favorite programs in both entertainment and drama. Still gaining popularity, Our Beloved Summer is a well-made K-content, capturing the hearts of fans around the world as well as Korea, maintaining its position as a strong player in the OTT platform. As if to repay such warm support, the photo essay of “Our Beloved Summer” was intended to share every moment with the fans who loved the work, including not only the famous scenes and lines selected by the fans, but also unpublished photos that capture the intense heat of the scene. 

Beyond the refined video, I hope you can enjoy every moment of Our Beloved Summer, which was full of the actors' natural appearance and the staff's passion and emotion.

Our Beloved Summer Photo Essay

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