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Beauugreen K-Beauty Korea Mask Gung Elasticity Moisturizing Soothing x10pcs

Beauugreen K-Beauty Korea Mask Gung Elasticity Moisturizing Soothing x10pcs

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- BEAUUGREEN 3-layer skin gel mask is a patented mask that includes the advantages of hydrogel mask + the advantages of Tencel sheet. Liposomes were used to break down the molecules into small particles to penetrate the skin well, improving their penetration.

- Relax your skin with 3 layers of skin gel! A skin-soothing solution that gives tired skin a rest, a natural irritant composed of belly and reed extracts, and a soothing effect on skin exposed to the external environment for a long time.

- Both types of masks use a three-layer skin gel system to give the skin a rest, and a natural irritant reliever consisting of a skin soothing solution and reed extract to soothe tired skin.

- Contains Nobel Prize-winning fullerine C60, which has an antioxidant effect that is 172 times stronger than vitamin C, helping to suppress free radicals.

- Korea Mask Both Seoul and Palace contain specific raw materials, and the two types of Korea Mask contain Jeju Marine Complex 5, Trehalose, Jirisan Honey Extract, Panthenol, and Deep Ocean Water to provide vitality and moisture nutrition to the skin.

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