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Holika Holika - Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet

Holika Holika - Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet

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The Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet is a mask for deep nourishment of your skin. The active Korean ingredients ensure that your skin is intensely hydrated and nourished, which gives you a radiant skin! The mask contains rice, yeast and proteins.

Yeast contains many minerals and vitamin B, which accelerates the renewal process of the cells and strengthens the cell walls. Your skin is nourished from the inside by the rice, which makes your skin even. And the proteins moisturize your skin and reduce signs of skin aging. Your skin also remains elastic and silky soft.

This mask:

  • hydrates and nourishes your skin intensely
  • contains rice, yeast and proteins
  • accelerates the cell renewal process
  • strengthens the cell wall
  • gives you an even, soft and elastic skin
  • reduces signs of skin aging

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