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TTMIK Level 2 Korean Grammar Workbook

TTMIK Level 2 Korean Grammar Workbook

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If you’ve finished studying the level 2 lessons at Talk To Me In Korean or through our textbooks, you can now practice and test your Korean with these workbooks.

Developed by certified teachers to help you review and reinforce what you’ve learned in the Talk To Me In Korean lessons, this workbook contains 3 main categories of review and 10 types of exercises.

1. Vocabulary
2. Comprehension
3. Dictation

Types of Exercises
1. Matching
2. Crossword puzzle
3. Multiple choice
4. Translation (Korean ↔ English)
5. Short answer
6. Define and translate
7. Fill in the chart
8. Fill in the blank
9. True/False
10. Q&A

Table of Contents

How to use the Talk To Me In Korean Workbook
Quick guide to 한글 (Hangeul)
Lesson 1. Future Tense / -(으)ㄹ 거예요
Lesson 2. Object Marking Particles / -을, -를
Lesson 3. And, And then, Therefore, So / 그리고, 그래서
Lesson 4. And, With / -하고, -(이)랑
Lesson 5. Days of the Week / 요일
Lesson 6. But, However / 그렇지만, 그런데
Lesson 7. “To” someone, “From” someone / -한테, -한테서
Lesson 8. Telling Time / 한 시, 두 시, 세 시, 네 시, …
Lesson 9. Counters / 개, 명
Lesson 10. Present Progressive / -고 있어요
Lesson 11. Self Introduction / 자기소개
Lesson 12. What is the Date? / 날짜
Lesson 13. Too, Also / -도 (Part 1)
Lesson 14. Too, Also / -도 (Part 2)
Lesson 15. Only / -만
Lesson 16. A bit, Really, Very, Not really, Not at all / 조금, 정말, 진짜, 아주, 별로, 전혀
Lesson 17. Can, Cannot / -(으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다
Lesson 18. To be good/poor at… / 잘하다, 못하다
Lesson 19. Making Verbs Into Nouns / -는 것
Lesson 20. Have to, Should, Must / -아/어/여야 되다/하다
Lesson 21. More… than… / -보다 더
Lesson 22. To like / 좋다 vs 좋아하다
Lesson 23. If, In case / 만약, -(으)면
Lesson 24. Still, Already / 아직, 벌써
Lesson 25. “Someone, Something, Somewhere, Someday / 누군가, 무언가, 어딘가, 언젠가”
Lesson 26. Imperative / -(으)세요
Lesson 27. Please do it for me / -아/어/여 주세요
Lesson 28. Method, Way / -(으)로
Lesson 29. All, More / 다, 더
Lesson 30. Don’t do it / -지 마세요

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