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Ottogi Japche (오뚜기 옛날잡채 멀티)

Ottogi Japche (오뚜기 옛날잡채 멀티)

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  • Japchae has been around since ancient times. It is a royal food that kings would eat, and serve to valued guests at feasts!
  • Normally making japchae takes a lot of effort since there is a lot of prep work. But this product makes it easy and convenient to have japchae at home.
  • Made with sweet potato starch, the vermicelli noodles are nice and chewy!
  • You can enjoy the rich flavor of ingredients that have been marinated in savory sesame oil.
  • You can have japchae as a side dish or as a main course.
  • It is also delicious to mix japchae with rice.
  • Add on some additional carrots, onions and/or spinach to make it taste even better!

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